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Cedars YCC
Cedars Centre Manager (Harrow)
07739 516176 | 0208 421 4676


What I do

My role at Cedars Youth & Community Centre is to oversee a team of staff to deliver outstanding customer service, maintain consistently high standards across our facility and maintain our position as one of the leading centres in our local area. By keeping these standards high we are able to commit to our Trust mission of making a positive difference for all through sport, physical activity and learning. It’s also important for me to engage with existing partners as we all as sourcing new users to have consistently high levels of facility hire. Being astute financially helps make sure the centre runs effectively and sustainably whilst ensuring that we are able to offer a high quality service that also represents excellent value for money.

I want to make a positive difference because…

I want to make a positive difference because you can never fully understand how much of an impact even the smallest gesture can have on someone. It costs nothing to be nice and we never truly know what anyone is dealing with day to day.

My Trust value

Inclusivity – at Cedars we help people from a variety of different backgrounds, genders and ethnicities and we are committed to offering equal opportunities for all.

Make a positive difference

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