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Football & Sport Development
EDI Strategic Lead
07841 028229 | 07841 028229


What I do

I work with all staff across the Trust on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion by supporting their roles and programmes through training, collaborating and building stronger relationships across a range of community groups and partners. Alongside this, I focus on any operational development areas that are needed to improve EDI. Operational elements can be a range of functions, including recruitment, staff development, partner growth, marketing, and recommendations to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the organisation. Every day is completely different and I could be analysing data statistics, or delivering training courses to staff or participants. All the work we do is in partnership and collaboration with the Club to build the One Club approach.

I want to make a positive difference because…

it is important to help others within the community to reach their full potential and future aspirations through the work we do.

My Trust value

Inclusivity – making sure every individual has the opportunity to be involved in the work we do.

Make a positive difference

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