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Inclusion, SLT
Head of Facilities & Inclusion
07970 237104 | 020 8421 4676


What I do

I have two core roles. Firstly, I manage an energetic and dynamic department of staff who provide a range of activities to hundreds of children and young people every week across both of our community hubs and various out-reach locations throughout SW Herts, Harrow and north Hillingdon. Secondly, I oversee and support the staff at both Cedars and Meriden (our two hubs) to ensure we provide a first class service to users and customers alike.

I want to make a positive difference because…

It’s about recognising that we can all strive to improve. It’s understanding the how and the why!

My Trust value

Integrity – because it’s important that we provide safe spaces, have trusted staff, and offer worthwhile programmes.

Make a positive difference

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