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Health & Wellbeing
Mental & Physical Wellbeing Coordinator
07784 238728


What I do

I provide a range of physical and/or mental health support to members of the community. Positive Minds; aims to raise the awareness of mental health and mental health issues, as well as providing key skills to manage these issues and future change in year 6 students. Man On looks to support adult men with various mental health issues through sport and exercise, as well as providing a safe environment for like-minded men to talk and support each other. I also sometimes support in other programmes away from my main role, such as coaching in disability football or supporting in Shape Up, our weight management programme.

I want to make a positive difference because…

Growing up, from a young age I saw many situations where friends, family, or members of my community (including myself) needed support but didn’t have the access to it. This role enables me to make a positive difference within the community and provides a way to ensure all members of the community can be supported.

My Trust value

Integrity – it would simply eat me alive if I wasn’t!

Make a positive difference

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